General Construction & Renovations

Mastodonte offers construction and stormwater management services with over 10 years combined experience in the field. We offer extensive construction solutions, both residential and commercial. Working with our clients to design or create the living space or workspace of their dreams is our passion.


Reno: Before & After

We remove client responsibility and stress of having to coordinate with multiple contractors and assist homeowners with building solutions that are innovative and affordable.

Mastodonte creates homes and outdoor spaces that allow their clients to enjoy a yard or home that was once a nuisance or risk.

Stormwater Management


As global sea levels rise and New Orleans continues to subside, many New Orleanians are faced with addressing the challenging question of what living with water looks like?


NOLA: Living With Water

Mastodonte installs water retention systems that store water as close to where it falls as possible and allows it to slowly permeate back into the earth’s surface, instead of being pumped into the grey infrastructure system. The pumping and draining infrastructure which greatly contribute to the sinking of New Orleans costs taxpayers over $50 million dollars to fund annually.


In order for New Orleans to be sustainable in the future, its’ citizens must come up with innovative solutions for water, health, food and transportation as well as eco-education for its’ future leaders.